The traveling notebook

Welcome to the traveling notebook!

This page is designed to host the traveling notebook project, a project to collect the thoughts of the masses into one convenient spot. Starting your own traveling notebook is quick and easy.

So what is a traveling notebook?

Simply put, a traveling notebook is a notebook that has passed, from hand to hand, with each person writing whatever they please on a single page, and then passing it on to someone else, somewhere else. The traveling notebook can be passed from friend to friend, but is definitely more fun if being passed around among strangers. If you receive one, you can pass it on to someone on a bus, at the supermarket, or whereever else you may strike up an acquaintance. This is designed to foster unity and solidarity among strangers, and give people more of a reason to talk to each other.

How much does it cost?

The only cost of the traveling notebook is the purchase of the notebook itself, and the shipping from the last person back to the originator when the notebook is complete. It is meant to be a cheap thing to do that will nevertheless bring joy to many people as they make new friends along the way. This website is absolutely free; I do it out of love for this project.

I've received a notebook. what should I do?

Follow the instructions on the back page of the notebook. Then, pass it on when those instructions have been fulfilled.

How do I get started?

So you want to start a notebook? Awesome! Follow the instructions to get started!