Are you ready to start your very own traveling notebook? Well you've come to the right place! Here are the instructions.

  1. purchase a notebook. Any spiral-bound notebook will do, as long as it has enough pages to keep it interesting (I usually use 70 page notebooks, but that's only because that's what I can find easily.)

  2. Write "the traveling notebook" (in the language of your country) on the front cover, in sharpy or permanent marker.

  3. Find the version (or versions) of the text, appropriate for your country, language and region, and print them out onto a blank piece of paper. Replace (your e-mail) with your e-mail address. Ensure that the width of the text does not exceed the width of your notebook. If the text does not exist on the page for the required language, feel free to translate it, and submit your translation for inclusion on this page via the contact form.

  4. Cut the page to fit, and glue it into either the back cover, or the very last page (do not use tape or staples, it's too easy to remove this way).

  5. release it into the wild! Make a new friend, and give them the notebook and let them be the first lucky writer!

  6. When the e-mail finally arrives, give them instructions in such a way that they can give the notebook back to you, or have them scan it in as a pdf for inclusion on this website. If they give the notebook back to you, it should likewise be converted to a pdf for inclusion on this website. Then send me the pdf using the e-mail on the contact form!

Versions of "the traveling notebook text".


Hello, Let's see how we can make this notebook travel, from person to person, hand to hand. Here are the instructions for "the traveling notebook". Please keep this notebook for 24 hours. On a single page, write as much as you want. Write about anything: your experiences, a poem, or whatever catches your fancy. Do not put your name, but put down your location. Tomorrow, hand this notebook to someone you meet. This can be someone you meet anywhere, doing anything. Tell them to flip to the back page to read these instructions. When this notebook is full, the last person should e-mail (your e-mail) for further instructions. Thank you!

Spanish (castellano)

Hola, Espero que este cuaderno viaje, persona a persona, mano a mano. Estas son las instrucciones para el "cuaderno viajando". Por favor, mantenga este cuaderno por 24 horas. En una sola página, escriba lo que quiere. Escriba sobre cualquier cosa: tus experiencias, una poema, o cualquier otra cosa que te interesa. No ponga su nombre, pero ponga su ubicación. Mañana, dé el cuaderno a alguien que conozca ese día. Puede ser alguién que conoces en cualquier lugar, haciendo cualquier cosa. Dile girar a la página de atraz para leer estas instrucciones. Cuando este cuaderno se llena, la última persona debe mandar un coreo electrónico a (your e-mail) para más instrucciones. ¡Gracias!

French (français)

Bonjour, Comment loin pouvons nous fair voyager ce cahier, de personne à personne, main à main. Voici les instructions pour le "cahier voyager". S.V.P. gardez ce cahier pendant 24 heure. Écrivez aussi beaucoup que vous voulez sur une page. Écrivez n'importe quoi: vos expériences, une poème, ou ce qu'attrape vos yeux. Demain, donnez ce cahier à quelqu'un que vous rencontrez. Il peut être quelqu'un que vous rencontrez n'importe ou, faites n'importe quoi. N'écrivez pas votre nom, mais écrivez votre location, S.V.P. Dites à eux de passer à la dernière page pour lire ces instructions. Quand ce cahier est remplie, la dernière personne dois écrire (your e-mail) pour recevoir plus d'instructions. Merci! More languages coming soon! Good luck!